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This CD was produced by Giovanni and Giuseppe Gregoletto.
Music by Paki Zennaro and Guido Vianello.
The nine tracks included are devoted to wine-related topics, and particularly to centuries-long wine history.
One may say it is an ideal musical journey starting in Italy with "La Vendemmia" ("Grape-harvest"), moving on across Europe with a religious track called "The Wine and the Bread" and arriving in France with "Le verre" - where a drunk man tells his own story and the story of his family while looking at a glass he inherited from his grandfather - and "Le Pomerol" - a track exalting the taste of a wine called Pomerol, produced near Bordeaux.
"Goffrey Keitelbeck" is the personification of an arrogant evil drunkard as the typical result of wine abuse, while the music of "Working in the Cellar" reproduces the various wine-working phases: decanting, filtering, bottling, packing.
"Noč" is an ode to the first vinedresser in history, a fascinating person who was familiar with vine secrets and wine production - and also with the results of wine abuse.

The journey starts again with a homage to German vine-dressing and oenology: "Lied" is a lyric celebrating spring-coming and budding with grapes entwining the vines.
The CD ends in Iberian countries with a dance ("Blanco y tinto") devoted to red and white wine.
This collection has the equivalent French release called "La musique du vin" and is usually offered alone or included in cartons with one or two standard 0,750 lt. bottles or one 1,5 lt. Magnum bottle.

Listen to a couple of samples taken from
The music of wine cd:

Track 03
"Le verre"
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Track 05
"Goffrey Keitelbeck"
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