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La Forma e la Sostanza ( “Shape and Substance” ) is Vallis Mareni’s food & wine division.
We’ve chosen a spectacular array of gastronomic specialities produced by skilled artisans from across Italy; we also offer excellent limited-production wine from our cellar and from every Italian region.
All this is the Substance.

And what about the Shape ? A cube.
In two sizes : CUBO ( 35x35x35cm) and CUBETTO (28x28x28cm). Both of these packages are made of a smart, tough cardboard in a clean and simple design.

Our aim is to provide a unique, original and high-quality present. We specialize in corporate gifts for Christmas, anniversaries and any special occasion.
We want your present to be stunning and unforgettable when it arrives at its destination, and that’s why we hunt down gastronomic items which are not available in the supermarkets.

We could write whole books on our love for these excellent products and the craftsmen who make them.
But with over 500 different foods and drinks we think it’s best that you tell us your budget and the type of present you want to give, and we’ll create a unique gift, tailor-made to your needs.