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Ombra prosecco frizzante
Ombra prosecco frizzante

In the Veneto region the word Ombra may mean both shade or shadow and a glass of wine. The usage derives from the ancient custom of meeting to drink a glass of wine in the shade of the famous Campanile in Saint Mark's Square in Venice.

Under the trademark Ombra and according to traditional methods, Vallis Mareni produces a Prosecco sparkling wine with string-tied cork.

It originates from rigorously selected grapes from Treviso hills that are later mechanically pressed under low pressure: the resulting wine is then converted to sparkling wine in very modern cellars by the Charmat method.

This wine recalls the pure simple convivial spirit of the people of our region.

Serving temperature: 5 - 7C.

Vallis mareni
Legatura spago

This is a semi-sparkling wine obtained through natural fermentation of the Prosecco grape at moderate pressure (approx 2 atm).
It is pale straw-yellow in colour with an intense, fruity bouquet and a fine perlage.
A pleasantly fresh wine, lean and light in alcohol that is enjoyable on its own or with hors d'oeuvres o first courses.
Prosecco comes bottled with either a cork secured with twine (a system used locally during the 1930s for bottling semi-sparkling wines) or with a "mushroom" cork secured with wire caging.

Grape Varieties
Prosecco, with small quantities of Verdiso and Perera.

Geographical Location
On the hills of the first Dolomitic ridges, in the northern part of the Province of Treviso (near Venice).

Harvest Period
From late September to mid-October.

White vinification, that is to say without the skins, at a controlled temperature of 20°C (68°F).

Taking on of the Sparkle
Through slow refermentation in large sealed tanks at 12-14°C (approx. 54-57°F). Pressure behind the cork: 2 atm.

Serving Temperature
5-7°C (approx. 41-45°F), uncorking the bottle just before serving.