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Ombra prosecco spumante
Ombra prosecco spumante

In the Veneto region the word Ombra may mean both shade or shadow and a glass of wine.
The usage derives from the ancient custom of meeting to drink a glass of wine in the shade of the famous Campanile in Saint Mark's Square in Venice.

Under the trademark Ombra and according to traditional methods, Vallis Mareni produces two sparkling wines - Extra Dry and Brut - of the Prosecco family originating from rugorously selected grapes from Treviso hills and pressed under low pressure : the wine thus obtained is then converted to sparkling wine in very modern cellars by the Charmat method.

Innovation beside traditional methods are the guidelines of Vallis Mareni's production.

Prosecco Extra Dry
The colour is light straw - yellow tending to pale green.
Its crystal clarity is laced with a persistent perlage of minute bubbles.
The bouquet, although persistent and intensely fruity, is extremely delicate which brings mature golden apples and acacia flowers readily to mind.
It is gently sweet and fresh on the palate and pleasantly light in alcohol, extremely smooth and well balanced with long and fruity finish.
With its great versatility Prosecco Tipico can be enjoyed equally well as an aperitif or to enhance the close of a meal.
Indeed, this is a wine that can brighten up any hour of the day.
Prosecco Brut

This Prosecco is slightly greenish, brilliant and streaked with a persistent perlage of minute bubbles.
The bouquet is fruity intense, yet elegant. Clear scents of golden apples come through a floral background.
It is a dry wine, fresh and lean, soft and rounded, with good length and a pleasantly fruity finish.
Traditionally served as an aperitif the Prosecco Brut is also ideal with fish and shellfish.

Grape Varities
Prosecco, with small quantities of Verdiso and Perera.

Geographical Location
On the hills of the first Dolomitic ridges in the northern part of the Province of Treviso(near Venýce).

Harvest Period
From late September to mid-October

White vinification, that is to say without the skins, at a controlled temperature of 20°C (68°F).

Taking on the Sparkle
Through slow fermentation in large sealed tanks at l2-l4°C.
Pressure behind the cork: 5 atm.

Serving Temperature
5-7°C (approx. 41-45°F),
uncorking the bottle just before serving.