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Cocktail Bellini Cocktail Rossini Cocktail Mimosa
Cocktail Bellini
Cocktail Rossini
Cocktail Mimosa
Over fifty years ago, on the occasion of an important exhibition devoted to 15th-century painter Giovanni Bellini in Venice, Giuseppe Cipriani presented this cocktail to the public for the first time, and since then it has been among the 60 most famous cocktails in the world.


7/10 PROSECCO SPUMANTE BRUT, 3/10 white peach juice, crushed ice.

Peel the peaches and cut them into thin pieces, put them into a mixer, add some spumante and crushed ice and whisk.
Pour spumante into a glass and soon after pour whisked peaches. Serve immediately.
7/10 PROSECCO SPUMANTE, 3/10 whisked strawberries, crushed ice.

Wash and hull strawberries, purée strawberries with some ice and a little spumante in a blender until smooth.
Pour a dose of the resulting drink into a glass and add spumante.
6/10 PROSECCO SPUMANTE, 4/10 orange-squash (do not use red-pulp oranges).

Squeeze oranges and pour a dose of juice into a glass, then add chilled spumante.
Garnish with an orange wheel.