The copper of Vallis Mareni
After silver, copper is the best metal for use in the kitchen, thanks to its high heat conductivity (392) that favours dietetic homogeneous cooking and keeps the nutritional qualities of foods unaltered.
Since it holds heat longer than the other materials once the pot has been removed from fire, tastes and perfumes of dishes are held longer.
The internal layer in tin of these pots is made manually with 100% tin baked according to traditional methods, which guarantee constant thickness, hygiene and durability.
Mamma Anna's pot
and the Uok pot are the result of long research on western and eastern cuisine.
Common qualities of both these products are versatility and quality typical of copper.

Mamma Anna's pot is ideal for cooking "risotto", soup, meat (especially stew and casseroles), whereas Uok exalts the lightness and taste of vegetables, eastern fried dishes and fish.
Hints on use and cleaning
Use wooden ladles when cooking : this prevents the inside tin film from being damaged.
Once you've reached the desired cooking temperature continue over a low heat.
Always use oil, water or other liquids when cooking.
Do not leave the pot on heating sources for a long lime when empty.
Do not use any abrasive detergents. The outside naturally tends to grow dark.
Many people think this dark shade may increase the value of these products.
If you wish to keep it polished and glittering you may use either specially made metal detergents or a mixture of maize-meal, coarse salt and vinegar, according to a traditional recipe.